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About Us

A little bit about Bak’d

We pride our pizzerias and cafés on quality, healthy food that matches the experience of our locations. The beautiful surroundings of Belmont’s spacious walled garden and the uniqueness of our organic flours are what people keep coming back for. But it’s the flavour that we are most passionate about – our wood-fired sourdough pizza has four different bases to choose from.


That’s also the very reason why we opened up our pop-up pizzeria at the Queen’s Bar in Dalkey. We wanted to bring our unique flavour to you, and feed your wood-fired sourdough pizza cravings.

Our team

Our team has a shared passion to make sure you enjoy eating and sharing a great food experience with your friends and family.


We are steeped in tradition, learning our craft from the old way. We believe in achieving pizza perfection using a blend of traditional methods and organic ingredients, sourced locally.


If you would like to become part of the movement, then send your CV to 

Our mission and vision

It’s our core mission at Bak’d to reinvent the flavour and experience of pizza, as well as create the healthiest, most delicious bread possible.


But more than that, every day we are constantly creating more ways in which we can become even more sustainable like creating compost made from our ground coffee wastage and providing compostable pizza boxes.


In the near future, we hope the Bak’d franchise has even more locations to call home.

Our story

5 Star Reviews

We shared a pizza from this place today.. it's a hidden gem ! Well worth a visit
Rebbeca Grant